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Not So Closet Treky... [entries|friends|calendar]

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June 7th, 2006]
[ mood | sick ]

"One aspect of making sure we have an immigration system that works, that's orderly and fair, is to actively reach out and help people assimilate into our country," Bush said. "That means to learn the values and history and language of America."

Bush spoke to one such classroom in Omaha. The president quizzed the students about American history in their native Spanish, then gave a speech trying to push his controversial immigration plan and acknowledging it's "a tough debate for America."

Bush entered and greeted the students in Spanish and threw them a question they weren't prepared for — how many father-son duos have served as president? The students were stumped, so Bush explained in Spanish that his father was a president and the other team was "Juan Adams y su hijo Juan Q."


I just threw up a little in my mouth. I can't believe Bush just became my history teacher. I don't think he even knows that difference between harriet myers and harriet beacher stowe.

There Be Whales Here Captain!

February 4th, 2006]
[ mood | content ]

so i just got back from yoga and have decided that english accents are the sexiest on women...anybody?...huh?...c'mon...u know its true. this really hot british chick sat down next to me in class and whenever she spoke it was just amazing...i dunno...i guess i have a weird thing for foreign accents...

Rochelle: ur gunna laugh, about 5 min ago i accidentally shot myself in the mouth with axe...i choked and thought of you....

off to cosco...woot!

4 Aboard the Voyager - There Be Whales Here Captain!

November 17th, 2005]
[ mood | energetic ]

ok so i have just now declared myself president of the marketing department for the south American (more specifically peruvian) division of susan´s radio show. i sit here entertained by her musings/"sopa de caracol" and say to all of you listen to the show...really its worth it...I will holp up the fort here in peru and spread the word....

in other news...i have found the quotation marks in the spanish keyboard """""" woot...i cant belive they were on the F7 key...wtf!!!!

take care all

sopa de caracol....epa!

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update.... [Wednesday,
November 2nd, 2005]
so i dont update enough, whatev. im in another country. anyway, tommorow i leave for cuzco, i vow to find and original inca woman and marry her....hehehe...maybe not, but we´ll see. in cuzco for four days, three nights. i promise to post if i find internet and can breathe normally. I always said that heights never botherd me, i guess well find out on monday when i get back. Tommorow i get to find out what mate tastes like (no susan its not what you think, that is super illegal in this country not only a little illegal like in california). I´ve been told cuzco is super internatioal so i plan to get pics with strangers from as many countries as i can, just for kicks. im excited to visit, as a peruvian by birth i can now say i´ve been to Macchu Pichu and remember all. when i get back, i will have ridden on a plane, train, and boat in the span of one week. i think thats cool. ok, plans for the future: cuzco, leave the country of my birth on the 12th, go to spain on an awsome tour of 17 days that will last till december and get back to cali for winter break to meet up with all you peeps, cuz frankly i miss most of you....even if just for the comedic value.

signing off,


P.S: If i die, feel free to avenge my death by any means necessary and split up all of my belongings amongst yourselves.....
There Be Whales Here Captain!

October 18th, 2005]
so, im back in lima...my tio had surgery on monday, but he´s better and all is well. i think i may move up my trip to cuzco...life is well...this morning i ate a mango the size of my head...needless to say it was delicious.

im off!!
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First post is not by JD... [Sunday,
September 4th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello, this is Susan, I would like everyone to look at JD's layout, it is a work of art!

There Be Whales Here Captain!

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